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Problem Solved.

You have a problem and I have a solution. I am here to help you get to the next level. Find material that screams YOU, prep for the ever so daunting college audition process, booking that dream show, branding your business so it leaps off the page, and creating a reel that keeps your viewers engaged the entire time. All while looking and feeling amazing in your own skin. Whatever your need is, I am here to help you say, "Problem solved".


Book Re-Vamp

We all have that one song that make us feel amazing when we bring it into an audition room. But what happens when that song doesn't work for your next audition? 

Problem Solved. 

I am here to help you find material that screams YOU. We will work to see what's special about your song selections and find pieces that are unique to you. Not to mention songs that you actually love singing.

By the end of our time working together you will have songs that make you feel comfortable and confident when you walk into that audition room. 

Success in booking a role is the result of hard work and going that extra mile. I am here to find you pieces that make you stand  out. So going that extra mile doesn't have to seem so scary anymore.


College Audition Prep

For someone going into the arts, college auditions can seem like such a foreign concept. "Where do I even begin to start when looking for the right schools for me?"

problem solved.

With my help you will be ready to face your college dreams head on. But, where do you even begin to start? I will help you narrow down what schools are the best fit for your needs and wants.

I will help you find material that is age appropriate, that you relate to, and lets your inner light shine through. You want to be presenting your best self at these auditions.

Let's be real for a second, not only do you have to get accepted into the school, you have to get accepted into the program as well. I am here to help you find and get accepted into the school of your dreams.


Business Branding

There is so much in this business that you can't control. But what you can control is how you present yourself. And I mean in person AND online. So, what's your brand?

problem solved.

We will work together to identify what your business is. To make a mark online, where people will be able to identify and recognize your true self. Without all the tricks and gimmicks. You, Yourself, and Your Brand.

Branding is knowing what, when, where, and why you are posting something. We will look at optimal times to post and key words that will make you stand out.

Your brand is more than a logo or a slogan. It is who you are! And I want that to shine through. Your voice will soar through your social media, people will feel like your sitting right next to them.


IMG_4472 (1).JPG

Listen, we have all been there. When you tried on so many outfits, there is a layer of clothes covering your floor. When you are finding dance shoes in ever bag you own.

Have you ever been so stressed to find the "perfect" audition outfit?

problem solved.

IMG_0788 (1).JPG
IMG_4605 (1).JPG

I can help you feel comfortable in your own skin, in whatever you end up wearing! We can work together to find clothes that you love and feel amazing in.

Weather it's an initial audition, final callback, or that dance call you have been eyeing up. You need to look and feel your best, and I am here to help you do just that.



Audition Book Re-Vamp

  • 10 Songs for $25 (includes 1 cut)

  • 30 Songs for $40 (includes 2 cuts)

  • Total Book Re-Vamp for $100 (includes 4 cuts)

College audition prep

  • 30 Minute session for $45

  • 1 Hour session for $70

  • Total College Package $115


Reel Work

  • 1 Minute and under for $25

  • 2 Minutes and under for $35

  • 3 Minutes and over for $50

    ($10 for an extra 2 edits)

Non-Equity Theatre List

  • $15 for List on Non-Equity Theatres in the US

  • EMC, Non-Equity, and are Equity Theatres that have Non-Equity Contcats


Business Branding

  • 30 Minute session for $20

  • 60 Minute session for $50

  • Total Branding Package $85


  • 3 Outfits for $25

  • 5 Outfits for $55

  • 8 Outfits for $80

I look forward to helping you find your inner light and

helping that light shine through. I can not wait to get started

working with you and helping you say,

Problem Solved.


All session can be done in person, through email, skype or over the phone.

Whatever you are most comfortable with!

If you have any questions about the packages, sessions and what they entail
Would like to book a session please email Jenna!

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