New York Sites

New York Sites

So I had a tourist day recently, but it was the least “tourist” day you will ever have. My boyfriend’s parents came to town for the weekend and we took them all over the greatest city in the world! But these are the hidden gems of New York plus a few normal tourist places too.

Also disclaimer, it was raining the entire weekend, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. For the most part. JK, I kid, I kid, kinda. So I now present to you…

New York Sites


First we started the day by walking from my place in Washington Heights all the way to Fort Tryon Park. So we walked past all these cool restaurants and parks and saw where Lin Manuel Miranda lives. Yes, he does in fact live “In the Heights”. I love Fort Tryon Park, it is so beautiful and well maintained. Not to mention all the cool statues it has.


So this wasn’t out end destination, we walked through the park to get to The Met Cloisters. And yes it is true that you need to pay if you are not a resident of New York. But what they don’t tell you is that if one person part of your party is a resident of New York, the whole group gets to pay what you wish, not just the person with the New York state license.


If you love fashion this is the museum for you. Ever heard of the Met Gala, it happened only a few weeks ago. Well the Met Gala is an event that raises money for the Met. Makes sense now doesn’t it?!?! So in the Cloisters they have gowns and suits and pieces from years past Met Gala’s. And they are pieces of art. That’s all I’ll say, till you go there for yourself and see with your own eyes…

Next we can back down a little and walked/hiked (whatever you want to call it) to the Little Red Lighthouse. And yes, there is a book based on it. The view from the lighthouse is absolutely stunning. It takes your breath away, truly.


Then we finally came back to our apartment and we were starved by this point so we took Nick’s parents to our favorite local place- Crazy Annie’s. If you are ever in the heights and need a good place to go. Hit this place up!


So we started off the day by going to favorite part of the city-Roosevelt Island. And make sure, if you can take the tram over to the island. Another amazing view of the city from a high up view. Once we were on the island we walked to the North tip, where we got a tour of the park all the way at the end of the island.


Then we took the bus to the other end of the island to go see the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself isn’t that big but the view is EVERYHING!

We then took the subway all the way down town to catch the Staten Island Ferry! This was so much fun, not to mention FREEEEE! It’s the perfect thing to do with family when you don’t want to spend money but still do something fun and exciting!


Next we did the touristy thing of the weekend. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge. This blog post really should be called New York Views because that was the theme of the trip.


It was raining pretty badly that day so after that we walked around Brooklyn a little unintentionally because it was the weekend and the subway we wanted to take wasn’t running. *insert annoyed face to MTA here*


And that’s it. And yes, our feet were very, very sore when we were done with the weekend. But it was so much fun and I hope this blog post helps you guys out when you come to NYC and don’t know what to do!

Till next time folks,


10 Apps/Websites Every Actor Needs to Know About

10 Apps/Websites Every Actor Needs to Know About

This is the 21st century and technology is taking over. So why fight it? this blog post is all about 10 apps/websites every actor school know about. So let's get to it!



1- AuditionCal


This is an app is great because it tracks EVERYTHING. you can organize your auditions, take notes, plan meeting, export emails, upload phots and more. And his is all from the convenience of your own phone too!

2- My Scans

This app tracks your sleep cycle so you know how to get the best sleep you can, even if it is only a few hours. We are actors, between the 12,000 jobs we do and all the auditions, do we sleep the best we possibly could? Probably not, but Sleep Better can help with that!

3- Evernote


Keep forgetting to follow up with that casting director? This app lets you set reminders for those important things. It also lets you save articles you came across to read late. 

4- Dropbox

We are actors, we need extra storage. 

5- Slatable

Let's be honest, every actor has to self tape and this causes every actor stress in some form. Enter in Slatabe. This app makes self taping a breeze. It automatically adds professional title cards and adds in smooth transitions between each song or scene. So now you can focus on what's actually important- the work!

6- My Headshots

This app lets you edit photos and resumes  from your phone. Need I say more?

7- Off Book!


This is the best app ever. I use this app at least once a week. You know how everything needs to be a PDF when you email it to someone these days? And you know how you don't have the money to purchase that crazy expensive PDF converter on your computer. Well this app is about to change your world! You can take pictures on your phone and convert them into PDF's. You can also export them to your phone library, print them, fax them, save to Dropbox, basically anything you need to do, you can do it. And this app is only $3.99. BRILLENT! 





If you didn't know about this website, it is a game changer when it comes to learning dialects. It gives you all the tools you need to book that Australian Girl #3 part, you've always dreamed about. 

9- Casting About

Daily updates projects in NY/LA, who is casting them, and how to contact them. All you have to do is make an account. This websites works through Actors Access. 

10- Audition Update


This an actors best friend and worst nightmare. Audition update is great when you want to check out details about how an audition is being run and what number they are on. But it can also be a website for stalking grounds. You can look who has gotten offers or callbacks, when they are coming out and such details. But if you are an actor audition currently you can't live without this website saved as a favorite in your phone. 

What apps/wedbistes do YOU use? Let me know down below.

Till next time folks,



Kale Scramble

Kale Scramble

Let's talk food...

I made this kale scramble and it was amazing! And super easy to whip up when you are trying to get rid of those ingredients that sit in your fridge for days. That's what inspired me to make this scramble in the first place. I looked in the fridge at what I had and thought, "I can work with that', so that's what I did! So I am so happy to share with you my recipe for my Kale Scramble! 


Kale Scramble

Total Time: 30 mins


4 eggs
1/2 cup cheese (I used a Mexican blend)
Half a pepper (any color-I used red)
3 cups kale
4-5 small potatoes
6 pieces of bacon
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1/2 tablespoon southwest chipotle (I used Mrs. Dash)
1 tablespoon parsley
Salt & Pepper
1/2 teaspoon  of crushed red pepper (if you want to add some heat)


1.) Prep you kale. I line a baking sheet with tin foil and spray some oil to prevent sticking. 

2.) Prep your potatoes and pepper by cutting them into small cube size pieces. Sit aside.

3.) Place 3 cups on Kale on baking sheet, drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil onto kale.

4.) Massage oil into kale. The kale should have a florescent color to it at this point. Coat kale in salt and pepper. Add 1/5 tablespoon of onion and garlic powder on kale as well.

5.) Bake kale for 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees.

6.) While the kale is in the oven, put 1 tablespoon in a pan (I used a cast iron skillet). When it is hot add in bacon. Cook bacon until desired crispiness. 

7.) Take bacon out of the an and set aside. Keep the bacon fat and grease in the pan! You want to use those juices for the potatoes.

8.) Add potatoes and pepper into skillet. Sauté on medium high heat until the potatoes have a golden brown color on them. 

8.) Season potatoes and peppers with salt and pepper, 1/5 tablespoon of onion and garlic powder also the 1/5 tablespoon of southwest chipotle season. Also add in the parsley and crushed red pepper at this point.  I also add a dash of olive oil after all the seasoning so they have something to stick to. 

9.) Push the potatoes and peppers to the side of the pan. Whisk 4 eggs until they are frothy. Pour in 4 eggs into empty side of an and gently move them around until fluffy and not liquid anymore.

10.) Combine eggs, pepper and potatoes together in the pan. Gently fold in roasted kale into scramble. 

11.) Add cheese to top of scramble and turn heat to low until cheese has melted. 

12.) Serve scramble with bacon on the side or crumble bacon on top, your choice! I also served this delicious scramble with a side of orange juice. 


What’s great about this recipe is you can half it if you don't want something so large. This recipes feed my boyfriend and I, plus there was enough leftover for him to take to work the next day. Let me know what you think of this recipe!

Till next time folks,



I am a lover of quotes. I always have been. To be honest I was always a horrible reader when I was younger (Honestly-I still am). Enter quote books. They are quick and easy to read but also make you think and ponder, which I love. There is something so inspiring about reading a quote that really resonates with you. It can feel like when you read a quote, it's like someone was a fly on the wall for a portion of your day and they know exactly what is going on in your head. I love that feeling. So I've pulled 10 of my favorite quotes to share with you guys. Not to mention I am sharing my personal mantra that I keep at the front of my planner for inspiration whenever I need it. 


So here we go...


1: "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."  - Teddy Roosevelt


2: “You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are.” - Sierra Boggess

3: "Keep moving forward." -Walt Disney

This was the quote I decided to put on my graduation cap!


4: "If the plan doesn't work, change the plan never the goal." -Anonymous 


5: "Donut worry, be happy." -William Rosenberg

He is the owner of Dunkin' Donuts if you didn't know.


6: "I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health." - Voltaire



7: "Do your thing and don't care if they like it." -Tina Fay

I mean does it get any better than a Tina Fay quote? 


8: "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." -Pablo Picasso



9: "Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise them." - Mandy Hale


10: "I'm going to succeed because I am crazy enough to think I can." -Anonymous



These are all quotes that I save and keep. I keep quotes everywhere. I have two pinterests boards for it, sooooo many quotes books in my apartment, a Daily Quote app on my phone and a notes section on my phone just devoted to writing down quotes I hear, not to mention I can go down a very deep google quote spiral very quickly these days. 


A lot of  people have been asking what the app I use because I post the quote I get on my actor instagram (miller.jenna) story everyday. The app is called Daily Quote and below you can what the app looks like. And the best part about his app, it's free! You can subscribe per year for $4.99 if you don't want any adds. 


And now for my mantra...


"Success. Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our goal, a commitment to excellence, that will enable us to attain the success that we seek."

I'm not going to say anything after this but, read my mantra once, then read it again, and just think about it. Think about what resonates with you and what doesn't and why that is. 

Till next time folks,


Temp Life

Temp Life

So this week I was a temp. Full on like business clothes, working the front desk, answering on the phones. So what did I learn? I thought I'd share with you guys! So here's my breakdown of the 6 things I learned while I temped this week. 


This week I temped at an investment firm call Highbridge. I'm talking business men in suits, 32nd floor, people in conference rooms having meetings. The real deal. Let us take a break to observe this view for a second... (The office is on 57th st right by Central Park, granted I wasn't facing that way but trust the view from the other end of the office is incredible)



1: Make sure you have busy work to do

This one seems pretty obvious but on day one, I basically sat on my bum and stared at the wall all joke.


2: Introduce yourself

This way when they need to hire someone back the likelihood that someone will remember your name is higher and you will get the job over the person who came right before you. Plus let's be real-it's nice to be nice!


3: Write everything down they tell you on the first day

This will come in handy when you are alone and don't remember whether they said to press hold or transfer first when your on a phone call and your faking it till you make it.


4: Take advantage of what they offer you

Now I'm not saying treat it like a buffet if they have leftover lunch, but it's ok to have a soda if they offer it. Because you wouldn't even be here in the first place if you didn't need money and free things so....TAKE ADVANTAGE!


5: You are not beneath the work

If they ask you to pick something up, or clean a dish here and there just do it. (granted if you are temping you shouldn't be cleaning dishes- but you get the point I'm trying to make.) You are not beneath this work.


6. Positive, Positive, Positive Vibes

This can go a looooong way. I know, you didn't come to work to sit behind a desk all day and be a temp, but that's life.You need to pay that rent so that's the way the cookie crumbles.



On another note, I kinda knew this after I interned at Tara Rubin Casting last year, but this desk life is NOT for me. Granted I do like getting to sit here and do lots of work that I normally wouldn't get to do. Because of time or just getting distracted by all the things I need to do at home. So in that  respect temping is amazing. The amount of work you do for the company is minimal so you can fill your time how you like. And for me, that is when I thrive. I got to catch up on so much personal work this week.


As an actor you are your own business so updating your website, and blog and social media, applying for auditions, sending follow-ups, researching theatres all comes in a days work. All these things are your responsibility when you are an actor. And no one is behind you pushing you to do these things, its all on you babe. So when you have the time, take advantage!


Till next time folks,




I am in love with today’s outfit.

Plain and simple, I love it. It is comfortable but also appropriate for most things. That could be work, and audition, a date night or just a normal run errand’s kind of day.


I love how you can combine old pieces such as this target top that I got 2 years ago with this new skirt I just got last week from Targets Universal Thread line. This green top is cotton heaven! So comfy yet looks sophisticated enough to pass as business attire. It actually has slits down either side of the shirt so it is a great transition piece for different seasons. Through on a pair of jeans and this is the perfect “going out” outfit.

I paired this simple outfit with a pair of chestnut colored booties from DSW. I got them in the fall this year and They have kept up so well! While you may have to pay a little bit more when you shop there, the quality is undeniable. I also added a tassel necklace that hsd been all the rage lately. The necklace was actually a gift for Christmas so I don't know where it's from but I did find something very similar to show you!


 And that's it, the outfit doesn't need anything more because he shirt gives texture, the skirt is patterned, so my accessories just add to the charm of the outfit. 



Shirt: Target (Similar)

Skirt: Target

Booties: DSW

Necklace: Express (Similar)

Till next time folks!


10 Side Jobs that You Will Actually Make Money At

So what does it take to afford to live in New York City when you are trying to be a full time actress? An actress that makes little to nothing or nothing sometimes (lets be real) doing theatre all over the country. So really what does it take?



I thought I’d get real with you guys. I’m going to give you some insight into all he jobs I do during one month just to make ends meet all while AUDITIONING! This blog post is all about

10 Side Jobs that You Will Actually Make Money At

So here’s the low down as to what I did just in the month of March-

I went on 21 auditions

Worked 2 temp jobs

Was a nanny 5 days

Worked online with Tailor

Catered 2 events

And I am still sane. I think…

All these jobs let me make me own schedule. Which was my biggest concern moving to the city and knowing I needed to make enough money to make rent, since I’m not at the point where my sole income comes from theatre. That is the goal. If we are talking about ten years from now, my goal is to be making enough money from just theatre or I should say the arts to make a living. Which brings me to my next point, the main reason for this blog post: 10 side jobs that will actually make you money. And heck, you might even enjoy some of them!

1: Temp Work

You can make bank, depending on where you go. And let’s be real the tasks you will be asked to do will be minimal to nothing.

2: Babysitting

If you can stand the “unique” New York City kids, this is your dream side job.

3: Waitress/Hostess

This job is great because tips! Tips make for great extra pocket change during the week when you don’t want to swipe that credit card every day.

4: Catering

If you don’t mind fast paced work, this is the side job for you. You get to smooze with people all night, and the food you get to take home at the end the night isn’t bad either.

5: Online Jobs

This can be anything from tutoring to being an online fashion stylist. (Which is what I do)

6: Assistant

Again, this could be virtual or in person. As long as you can follow directions, this is a pretty sweet gig to have.

7: Princess Party

Never grown out of that dressing up phase? That’s ok because now you can make money doing it! This is definitely a niche market, but once you get your foot in the door, it is so worth it!

8: Receptionist at Gym

This is great for you gym enthusiasts and actors alike because normal you get a membership for a discounted rate or you can take classes for free!

9: Dog Walker

Places like Wag and Rover are taking over NYC one dog at a time. Plus dog therapy is real people!

10: Website Designer/ Video Editor

This is a great side job if you love to work on our own and on your own time.  Plus you make your own wages.

The grind is real guys but with these jobs, you are one step closer to making your rent! Keep pushing New York.

Till next time folks,



Road Tripping like it’s our job (because it kinda is…)


Road Tripping like it’s our job (because it kinda is…)

So…I went on an audition road trip with two amazing friends! We had a BLAST! We had 7 auditions in 6 days plus 2 travel days. We travel thousands of thousands of miles. Over 7,000 I am sure of. We basically lived in a car for a week. It was so much fun!

Where did we go?

So the short answer is: NY-PA-WI-MI-IN-IL-PA-NY


We started out in NYC (cause that’s where we all live…duh). I headed to my mom’s house in Easton PA, and then had an audition at Muhlenberg Summer Theatre. Next I meet up with Lauren at her house (which is about 45 mins away from mine) and we loaded up the car! Woohoo! The next morning at a very early our in the morning we were off! Milwaukee, Wisconsin was in the GPS and we both were nervous for the 13 hour drive ahead of us. Let’s just say Spotify was our best friend on the trip! We were both were jazzed about never having been to WI and getting the chance to eat all the cheese curds we wanted. We arrived  and checked into the beautiful Hyatt and waited for Dana to fly in to meet us.


The next day we auditioned for Hope Repertory Theatre. Before we left WI we got one last fix of the famous cheese curds in and then we packed our bags. After that audition we headed to MI to stay a family friend’s house (shout out to the Allston’s for being amazing!). The next morning we had an audition for Tibbets Opera House in Coldwater MI. We got to audition at the theatre on the stage, which was amazing! Not to mention the weather could not have been better for an outdoor photo shoot! (See Below).


 The next day we headed up to Saugatuck MI to audition for Mamma Mia at Mason St Warehouse. The town where the theatre was, is breath taking. Like I’m seriously thinking about retiring there, it was so beautiful and refreshing. That is if I ever retire am I right?!? (#lifeasanartist) To kill some time before our dance callback we got lunch at this cute little coffee shop called Uncommon Coffee Roasters.


 After we finished our callbacks we packed up our bags again and hit the road to Warsaw IN where we again were surrounded by a beautiful lake! We also had the most delicious meal ever at this cute little place called Noa Noa Grill and Sushi Bar, the hidden gem of Warsaw if I do say so myself. The next morning we auditioned for, you guessed it, Wagon Wheel Center for the Performing Arts. What was cool about this audition was it was again at the theatre. So we got to see the space we would be performing in! I don’t know about you but getting to see where I perform gives me more fuel to do well and really push myself to do my best. Then we headed up to Chicago! Woohoo Pizza! And yes the first thing we did when we got there was eat deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s. And yes it was delicious. The next day we went to Marriott Theatre auditions then to Paramount Theatre auditions. Then we hit up Whole Foods for lunch and driving snack foods, got the oil changed and hit the road to come HOME. Again Spotify was our best friend. We went from cast album to cast album without even thinking. Everything from the classics such as Fiddler on the Roof, Ragtime and Beauty and the Beast to more modern things like Wedding Singer, Little Shop of Horrors, Legally Blonde, and 9 to 5. Side note- why aren’t more theatres doing 9 to 5, such good music and so FUNNY! Anyway…not to mention we listened to all 18 musicals that all the theatres were doing in total.


This trip was great for the simple fact we wanted to be seen at these theatres. When you go to a local call verses going to a cattle call in NYC you know they are actually looking at you as a possibility. When you are auditioning in NYC you don’t know if the role you are auditioning for is already casted, if they just need another open call in their books, how many people they are they hiring for out of town-ers. You just never know. Not to mention I got to sing more 32 bars cuts than I have ever since auditioning for college! They respect you for coming to THEM instead of just hopping out of bed, taking the subway, signing a list and going into a room where maybe you have 1-2 minutes tops to make a lasting impression. Not to mention between splitting all the gas and using free hotel points and staying at friends and family houses along the way, it wasn’t even that expensive! So if your looking to do a road trip next year holla at yo girl cause this will be a yearly tradition.

Here’s to lasting memories, amazing auditions, great company and a damn good ROAD TRIP!



10 tips to make a "cast me now" self tape


10 tips to make a "cast me now" self tape

Ok all my actors folks...

Audition season is right around the corner so here are some tips so we all can be #bookedandblessed if you know what I mean. 

1- Clean Background

Make sure the background is clean and simple, not many distractions

2- Wear clothing that suggests the character


What are you auditioning for? Is it a modern show, or a classic; your clothes should reflect that. Now I'm not saying, wear a ball gown, if your auditioning for Cinderella but something that says, I can live in the world of this musical or play.

3- Make Choices

Bold, strong choices are one of the best ways to stand out. So put worry aside and make some choices!

4- Steady View

Make sure if your going the solo route when filming you camera is on a sturdy surface. If you have an awesome friend or love one filming you, make sure they have steady hands or use a tripod. 

5- Lighting


So this is a big one! Make sure if you can, you use natural light. This will make sure your "at home video" look professional. If natural light isn't an option, jerry-rig some lighting that won't give you shadows. Even if that means moving some lamps around for a great shot! Having good lighting makes an a self tape look crisp and clean.

6- Material

Just like choosing clothing that suits that show or character you are auditioning for, your material should do the same. I am in the mind set, if they don't say otherwise, sing from the show. Also it shows you are ready to go and can jump into the role at anytime, which casting directors love!

7- Intro

Keep it simple. An intro should give a casting director a glance into who you are as a person. Fun, quick and light is what I say!

8- Do your Homework

Make sure you are ready when you tape. When you are in your head and thinking about your next lyric or line, it reads on camera. 

9- Be Memorized

If you can do your best to be fully memorized. It shows casting you care about this audition. They want to know you aren't wasting their time. Now, I get it, life happens sometimes. You got the sides 24 hours ago and your cat happen to pass away on the same day, so you are less than memorized. It's ok, life  happens. This isn't an exact science, just show your best self. Whatever that may be, that certain day.

10- End With a Smile


After you  taped everything and have a day of editing ahead of you, remember to be kind to yourself. You did the best you could, under the circumstances you were given! So smile and give yourself some credit for the awesome thing you just accomplished!

Congrats, your one step closer to #booking the job of your dreams! Use these tips and your videos will be something worth praising.

Happy taping folks!



Hi! I'm Jenna!

Jenna Miller Headshot 2.jpg

Welcome to my newly launched Blog: getrealwithjenna! (Woohoo) This blog will include life adventures, my style, exciting new food recipes, and actor tips and tricks. So I hope you enjoy all the material. I am most definitely new at this whole "blog" thing, but we can learn together! So why am I starting this blog. As a recent graduate, I am quickly learning if you don't fill your free time with productiveness, you will become unproductive always. I believe everything comes with hard work. I'm an artist and if there is one thing artists know, its hard work. I am so exciting to start sharing my life with you guys! If you have questions, jokes, stories, recipes...please feel free to share them with me. Direct message me on Instagram, send me an email or leave a comment on my post. ALL are welcome and encouraged! 

So who is Jenna? Here are 5 facts about me that will give you a taste of what I'm about.

1- I recently graduated Otterbein University with a BFA in Musical Theatre! (Yes, Musical Theatre, where my theatre nerds at??)

2- I LOVE food. I am not so much a baker as a self taught chef.

3- I'm starting this blog to make my free time, productive time! And eventually, long term I would love to make this into my full time job!

4- I am a lover of puns and jokes. All Jokes. (I know what your thinking-Jenna come on share your favorite joke! Ok, OK! Why did the cookie go to the Doctor? Because he felt crumby.) *audience erupts with laughter*

5- I live in New York! And I'm not talking about upstate where there is mountains and farms New York, I'm talking about the City! I'm from Easton PA (which is right on the boarder of NJ and PA), but I'm about to cross the one year mark living in the Big Apple. 

Also I'll give you one bonus fact just because I'm sure its going to take over my feed very shortly...

Bonus- I love winter. I love the snow. I love the cold. And everything that comes with winter. The outerwear, the hot chocolate, the gifts, the decorations, yup ALL of it.


My mantra is Live and Learn. And that is exactly what this blog is all about! I am learning, hopefully you are learning from my posts and that equals a more fulfilled life, a richer life. And though I may make mistakes on the way, if I remember we are all living and learning, everything will be ok. If you follow me, you will be hearing my mantra a lot more. 

So I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little and thanks for stopping by! I hope you will follow me on this journey and enjoy what your seeing. I will be posting a blog post once a week! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for some awesome behind the scenes content! And be sure to like my actor page on Facebook!

Till next time folks!


Feel the Self Love


Feel the Self Love

So let's talk about the elephant in the room. Self love. People think it's a taboo subject, but it shouldn't be! Self love is just as important as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. I'm not going to lie, I've felt a little unmotivated lately. Moving to a new city, finding a new job, balancing auditioning and a relationship is hard. New York is hard. BUT, what can help with all of that? Self love! Taking 10 minutes to yourself, doing a face mask, going to the gym, meditating, cooking some magic up in the kitchen, or writing a blog post! All these things can help. So all this leads to this outfit below. I took the time to pick out an outfit I felt great in. I also took the time to do my hair and makeup. I felt good that night and that was because I took the time to have some self care.


This chambray jumpsuit made me feel amazing! It was so light weight and comfy. The fabric wasn't thick like most chambrays, which made it a breathable jumpsuit. Give me thumbs up if you know what I mean! I paired the jump suit with a classic, yet modern necklace and simple tan sandals, which matched my clutch.


This over sized clutch is one of my favorite accessories! It just pops with this outfit. Not to mention, it can carry so much stuff! Double win!

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: Old Navy /// Necklace: Kohl's (similar) /// Clutch: Charming Charlie's (similar) /// Sandals: Macy's

The jumpsuit and sandals are on sale!





Ok guys, showcase, SHOWcase, SHOWCASE! I wish I could have captured every minute of the showcase experience. I loved every single second of it. What ready struck me was two things. One- the amazing alumni who welcomed me with open arms. And how many there are! The support was unconditional and I can’t express how much I appreciated it. Second-MY CLASS! It was a dream getting to watch everyone from the front  row, literally, sing and act and dance their hearts out. Also we looked good. I’m talking gooood. So polished and put together. I am so proud of all 12 of us. I am going to miss performing  with them so much. They shaped me into the person I am today.

This week was filled with auditions, auditions, auditions and helping with auditions, catering, and practicing for showcase.

I had 3 auditions and helped out with Millbrook Playhouse’s audition, which is where I worked last summer! There was a fun little dance combo we learned from Beauty and the Beast to Be Our Guest. Especially after just having seen the movie (I was in love with it-could write a whole blog post just about the movie, but no one would read it so I won’t). It was so good to help out and see everyone!

I also had the opportunity to be an audience member at Broadway Late Night with Matt Rodin. This was a show that was hoping to get picked up by Broadway World. It was the first taping and it was so cool! They had two guests including Lindsay Mendez and Taylor Louderman. Matt interviewed them and they played games together. And then there was also two performances from up and coming composers and performers, which was so cool. But the coolest part about the night was finding out that a couple months prior to the show Matt, had this idea and ever since then he got people together and just did it! The producer is only 22 years old. CRAZY. It was so inspiring to see people just getting off their butts and making things happen for themselves. So inspiring. Thank you Matt for bringing the passion back!

Onward and upward guys.


Showcase the Signature Theatre! 


Green Room 42: Broadway Late Night with Matt Rodin!  



#9 Bullets over Blogging

I am coming to you from this cute little coffee shop in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. It’s quiet and nice. Drinking a chi tea latte and enjoying life. I have never been here before and I am loving it!

Now that that little rant is over…let’s bullet shall we.

·         Auditions:

                1- Gateway Playhouse

    2- Mac Hayden

    3- Disney Cruise Line (UPDATE- Got my first callback in NYC since I moved for this audition for the Fairy Godmother! I’m so excited and it was such a surprise to get the callback. Here’s to new beginnings and *hopefully booking!!)

·         Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and yes it will freezing! I felt kinda crazy walking across when it was so cold. But so worth it because of that view! Also what a great photo opportunity.

·         I saw Sunday in the Park With George with some out of state friends. And yes, the show was almost too perfect. Annaleigh Ashford’s voicehas no break and I was in aww the entire show.

·         Had a friend come for his spring break!

·         Saw my amazing friends, Natalie and Lauren in a mini show directed by Evan and written by Steven! Four classmates, one 10 minute short, and a show I will never forget.

·         Ate so much food this week!

1. Black Iron Burger (If you haven’t been here, do yourself a favor and GO! The wings and Burgers are so good you have to finish your plate)

2. Good Enough to Eat (And yes pun intended)

3. Tortaria (Yummy Mexican food!)

4. Doughnut Plant (I got the carrot cake and crème brulee)

5. Walked on the High Line for the first time

Onward and Upward Folks!




#8 Auditions!


#8 Auditions!

Now that internship is over. (Still can’t believe that) AUDITIONS BEGIN. Finally. But really. FINALLY. And it’s amazing that it’s still summer stock season so auditions are in full swing! I love auditioning. LOVE it. If I could get paid just to audition for a living. I would do it hands down. I love the rush of nerves and excitement, meeting new people, showcasing material that I love, getting to perform a different character every day-sometimes twice a day. I got to go to three auditions this week. If I could, I would go to one every day but you can only go to as many that are happening. #nonequity

I went to the Elf Dancer call, Elf Singer call and The Sound of Music call. Some were better than others, but for my first week as a professional actress I’d say it was a success! Woohoo!

I also got to take a dance class with the Otterbein Alumni group “Alumni That Dance Together, Book Together”. It was so much FUN! The amazing, lovely and gorgeous Corinne Munsch taught us a spunky little ditty. It was so good to dance again. It had been a little since I danced, so it felt good to move again! Very different than sitting in an office chair for 8 hours. Haha

But to cap off the week, Randy Adams gave the whole BFA class who is participating in showcase, tickets to see Come From Away. The show he is an executive producer of. The show was maybe the best thing I have ever seen. And I don’t ever say that. Like ever. This show is the kind of theatre I hope to be doing when I’m older. It was inspiring and moving. A story that should be told and shared. Beautiful, simply beautiful. THANK YOU RANDY!

Onward and Upward folks….to more auditions. YAY!

At the alumni dance class, thanks Corinne!



#7- The end of an ERA (or internship, at least)


#7- The end of an ERA (or internship, at least)

I can't believe I am saying these words...I am done with internship! WHAT?! It seems like yesterday I was nervously getting ready to ring the doorbell to Tara Rubin's office.

So what did we do on the last week on internship? Strangely it was one of the slower weeks because everyone was out of the office with auditions, vacation, or meetings. So the biggest thing Natalie and I had to do was avail checks. Not to toot our own horns but we were darn good at these avail checks by this time. We were done them within a day. BAM!

When all is said and done Natalie gave a parting gift to the whole gang at Tara Rubin Casting and not thinking we would get anything in return, but to our surprise, they gave us each a card! It was such a sweet gesture and I'm going to keepit forever. When I think about making the big move to New York, I am going to think about internship because they go hand and hand in my mind. Now I am not going to lie, there were some days where internship was hard, but the connections are going to be so worthwhile! I am so grateful for this opportunity. Otterbein gives you a chance to get your foot in the door, and that is one of the main reasons why I came. Looking back at the experience what I really hoped for was two things. One- to have the casting directors and associates know my name and two- to be able to sit in on auditions. And I got to do both of those things. I have said this before in one of my earlier blogs. The casting directors and associates are very passionate about their jobs, but they were so passionate that some of the tasks we should have been doing, they did them for us. In hindsight, I am so honored that I can say I worked there. I mean, come on, half the Broadway shows currently running are casted by Tara Rubin. THAT'S AMAZING! And to think I was apart of that in a small way is kind of magical to think about.

To celebrate the end of internship, Natalie and I went out for a celebratory dinner....and dessert at SCHMACKARY'S! (It was my first time. I know, I know. Insert gasp here.) And we had some visitors at dinner and they took a selfie with my phone. Jokes on you Steve, Jordan, and Evan, cause I'm posting it! HA!

And now to start auditioning! FINALLY!!! (INSERT SCREAMS HERE!!!!)


As I promised, the boys and their selfie! 


Actually in love with this place. Not gonna lie.... 


Thank you for everything Kaitlin and the entire team at Tara Rubin Casting!  





I am so excited to share with you guys what I did this week! Shows! I got to see two shows this weekend! And yes, it was wonderful! (Doesn’t hurt that I only had to pay for one of them either)

The first show I saw was a new Off-Broadway musical called All Aboard! If you’ve been on playbill recently then you probably have seen adds for it. It is the story of three different couples and their stories towards love, all taking place on a train. The conductor of the train leads us through their stories, giving them guidance along the way. The reason I got to see this new musical is because my old roommate from this past summer at Millbrook Playhouse is in the show! Her voice was incredible! Best part of the show. Also she is only a year older than me and she played older so well! Sammi knows her type and isn’t afraid to show it. I love that about her. The show is playing at the Y theatre, go check it out!

The second show I saw was Crazy for You at LINCOLN CENTER. After admiring Lincoln Center just from outside the buildings I finally got to go in.  And oh my, my wallet is not going to like me for going in there because now I want to see every show there that is ever produced ever. I LOVED the show so so so much. The talent was amazing, the costumes were beautiful, the sound was perfect, and the orchestra was right there on stage, which I love.  There was two reasons why I am so happy I got to attend. 1- It was cast by Tara Rubin! So when I was in the office I got to watch some of the casts audition videos, read their resumes, stalk them….But it was really cool getting to see who they picked and why. All the cast members fit so well into the world of the play.  2- Everyone who is anyone in the business was there. This was only a one night show, so if you wanted to see it you were there. It was opening and closing night all at once! All these people who I admire from a far were in the same room as me, and more I even got to talk to some of them.

Oh and one more thing…..

Susan Stroman is just as beautiful in person as her work is on stage.

One day my mom came up for dinner and we were walking to this restaurant, Unione, and we passed the Wicked Garden. Right in the middle of Harlem! I was so confused. Well, if anything it’s pretty cool that I live next to the Wicked Garden so I guess I will stay in the creative state of “I Don’t Know”.

So this week in internship was email frenzy. We sent the School of Rock flyers to all the other cities. We must have sent over 150 emails.  But after all that work, it is done and now the new interns can deal with the follow ups! Ha ha but really new interns good luck. I can’t believe I only have one more week left!

So here’s to endings and new beginnings, till next time folks!


All Aboard! 


So in love with Lincoln Center <3


Wicked Garden! 


#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!


#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!

It was a good week guys.

Internship was filled with tedious research but we (Natalie and I) got it all done.  Well, since you asked what the research was, I’LL TELL YOU!

Tara Rubin Casting casts School of Rock and they are having an open for Dewey. So Natalie and I had to Research all the schools, theatres, comedy clubs and improve troupes in Chicago, Toronto, New York, and LA. Yes, these documents were all more than 5-15 pages each. And yes, we did go research crazy by the end of it. So after we did all the research for these places we had to send out the flyer to all the contacts for New York. So now we wait until they reply and if they don’t we send follow up emails next week. But it was pretty cool talking to all these chairs of the schools and artistic directors from these amazing theatres.

This weekend was packed with things and it was beautiful! My friend Nick, from Ohio came to visit and we had a great weekend! Let's bullet, shall we:

·      Papaya King! GO! It’s a famous hot dog restaurant with the best tropical drinks you will ever have. And I can not believe I’m saying this but they had coconut milk in them and I liked it! WHAT? I have never had coconut milk before and I still would never drink it again because I think it’s weird, but I sure did try a food I never tried before and I am proud of that! Check that off the bucket list.

·      Nick and I went to go to The Blue Men Group and oh man if you need a good laugh, go see this show. I saw the show in Las Vegas when I was like 12 years old and Nick had never seen it before. So it was so cute watching someone react to the show not knowing what was going to happen next. We sat in the middle of the theatre, which I was a little nervous about, but the show is so interactive you could have sat in the rear Mezzanine and still had a great time. This event was just for me, and I am so glad I went. It was seeing theatre but it didn’t have the stress of theatre, theatre. If that makes sense at all.  haha Right now my entire life is theatre related and it was nice not to have to watch or listen or think about it and just be able to watch relaxingly.

·      If you want to hear some classy, Michael Bublé-esk, Carole King era music go listen to Paul Loren! Went to see him perform on Friday night and it was amazing! He was so good live. He was a snazzy, short, spunky, man and so cute to boot! Go check him out:

·      Went to Grand Central Station for the first time and it is just as beautiful as the movies and what people say. GO!

·      If you know me, you know how much I’m obsessed with snow so Saturday I was a happy camper because the snowy, slushy magic goodness from the sky was EVERYWHERE! So, Nick and I went to the Great Lawn in Central Park. Well, we tried to go to the Great Lawn but it was closed for the season, so...I frolicked/danced next to the Great Lawn in Central Park.

·      Last but certainty not least I went to the MET! Wow, wow, wow. You sure can get lost in there. Also I didn’t realize how many artifacts were there. I knew the MET was big, but it is HUGE. My personal favorite was the Medieval Armor Section. Oh the swords, oh my so many swords that could kill me. I loved it. I definitely want to go back because I did not get to look at everything I wanted to!

Alright folks till next week!


At the Blue Men Group! 


Grand Cental! 






And some more FROLICKING! 


Last but not least the MET! 



#4 Burgers, Sunset and Boxes


It is storage time here at Tara Rubin Casting and I got my work out in at work this week! Picked up boxes from Home Depot (which was a feat in it’s own-long story short), put together those said boxes, and then packed them with 5 inch, filled to the brim binders, and took the 6 x-large boxes, two small boxes and a mac box to storage. And that was week four in a nutshell. We also got the opportunity to see a preview performance of Sunset Boulevard. With the one and only Glenn Close! Who is 70, by the way and is a lead on Broadway. Like what??? Also a 40 piece orchestra, ummm YES! If you don’t know they show, it is very strange. Like very strange, but also very moving. It was very well produced, just not my type of show. But go just for Glenn, she is a STAR!


On a different note, Natalie and I got burgers, like the best burgers of our life burgers. Not to mention, free fries. Oh, and the wings! I still have dreams about the dinner. Some nights it is important to treat yourself and that is exactly what we did. And we had good food and good company what else could be better?!


Had my first audition of the summer stock season for Mason Street Warehouse! It was so good seeing Kurt and the team again, they are so nice! One of the hardest parts about being on internship is not being able to go to auditions (and if you know me, you know how many auditions I like to go on), but I was so excited that I got to go. I LOVE auditioning. If I could get paid to audition I would do that for the rest of my life and I would be so happy about it.


Showcase! Showcase! Showcase!

We had showcase rehearsal and an alumni preview! It was so encouraging to know there are so many Otters out there who all want to help you! It was also good to perform again. It always feels good to perform again after taking a tiny break. Thank you to all the Alumni and the entire faculty who made this weekend possible. I am now going into showcase even more excited and more prepared than I was last week! Thank you to everyone for their support! (as cheesy as that sounds, I really do mean it) Thank you.


Till next week Folk!


And yes, I was just as messy as the burger when I was finished and I don't regret it. 


At Sunset Boulevard! 


#3 Let the sight seeing continue...


#3 Let the sight seeing continue...

What a week it was! And where to start! So many things to talk about so let’s do some bullet points shall we.

·      Natalie (classmate who is on internship with me) and I saw On Your Feet! OMG, it was so good! I cried four times, (Yes, four times-don't judge), danced up the aisle with a cast member and gave a standing ovation. Go see it before the lead girl's contract ends! She really does hold the show on her feet (pun intended). 

·      I went sight seeing ALL OVER NYC! (And by I, I mean me and a friend who came from out of town) I went to three new places in Central Park. I went to the Belvedere Castle and saw the spectacular views. One of my favorite things about living in New York is the views and how New York feels so open and free. I had a similar feeling when I went to the Lincoln Center for the first time. I also went to the Oak Bridge and saw the reflections of the buildings on the water. I stood there for so long and looked at the water. Maybe a little too long, since it was freezing cold. Ha ha! I also walked around near central park and saw the Tavern on the Green restaurant. This restaurant is on my NYC bucket list now. The whole front wall is made of glass! Not to mention it is in the middle of Central Park, so the views are amazing!

·       I also went to Roosevelt Island. Have you ever gone to Roosevelt Island? It is amazing! Go take the Tram Car to Roosevelt Island, and you wont regret it. It's so amazing, I want to move there. It is like living in the city, without the city beating down on you. Plus travel doesn’t feel like traveling when you are on the commuter tram because you are looking at the beautiful views. Once you are on the island go to Roosevelt Park at the end of the island. Wow, I don’t know how else to describe it. The island it self is in between Manhattan and the Brooklyn and you are on the river, you get the best of all three worlds.

·       I also went to see Astoria and Inwood because I have never gone there. Since my sublet is up the end of May, I need to start figuring out where I want to live! So that’s basically why I went all over.

·       Now back to internship, the week was pretty quiet and mostly was filled with answering phones and the door. We are really meant to make Tara and the team’s lives easier. And that’s what we are doing!

Till next time folks!



The view from Belvedere Castle! 


View from Oak Bridge! 


My future home (I hope) Roosevelt Island! 


Natalie and I at On Your Feet! 


#2 School of Rock Auditions and Equity Meeting!

Week two and New York is hard y’all. It is cold and rainy and internship is hard. Eight hour long days are hard. Sitting at a desk for so long is not my cup of tea. But I will say, watching these brilliant people work, really is inspiring. You can tell they are so passionate about their work. This week I had the amazing pleasure of siting in on School of Rock auditions. It was AWESOME! They need to find replacements for Dewy (the main character) and a little girl swing and a little boy swing.

Before we go any farther can we just talk about how there are 8-10 year olds are playing swings in Broadway shows! Mind blowing!

These little kids were actually jaw dropping. The little girls were bass swings and the boys were drum swing. Some of these kids were so tiny they couldn’t even hit the drums hard enough. And the bass was mostly bigger than the little girls!

Getting to sit in on auditions was so valuable in so many aspects. It was really the first time I got to hear and see what happens when the door is closed. I feel like as an actor, that is such “Don’t Speak” (Bullets over Broadway quote) topic. But most of the time after the auditioner left the room they were just like not right for this, maybe down the road, or they need to come to callbacks. Or to be honest, they just talk about their day with the other directors. So actors: NOTHING MAGICAL HAPPENS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Sorry the secret is out. You just got to “Stay Positive” (Legally Blonde quote) and do your best work.

I did learn some things watching the auditions though:

·      Memorize your material! Even though there is SO MUCH MATERIAL, when you have appointments for this high level of work, you need to be memorized or so familiar you only have to look like two times.

·      Breath in between pieces. The casting directors want you to be what they need! So breath and take a second for yourself

·      Take the opportunity to talk. (If the moment is right. Don’t just ask them how their day was randomly, they do have a schedule to stick to people!)

These are only some of the things I learned but hopefully, I will get to go on some more and give you some updates about those!

My class and I also had a meeting at Equity to talk about, you guessed it, EQUITY! 

No, but really it was so helpful to learn all the gritty details most people don't know about. So if you have any questions, I'm your gal. We meet with a man named Tom Miller who is the head of the education and outreach program at Equity and we talked about everything from the ways to get your card, to the different types of contracts, and of course, the equity cot! Also the building is right in the middle of times square and oh boy was it breath taking.

Till next time folks!