On October 22nd I had the great privilege to see one of my classmates in the Fantasticks at Weathervane Playhouse. The show was magic. The simplistic set allowed the actors to soar. The story is one that lasts much longer than when the show is over. Hence why the show is so successful and still playing on off-Broadway. After seeing the show I realized how much Luisa and I are alike. We both are a child at heart but want to be taken seriously. She refers to herself as a princess during the show, and if you ask Siri what my name is in my phone, she responds by saying, "Hello, Princess Jenna". Some people might think I am kidding, but I am not. Seriously.

So Luisa definitely is a role I hope to play in my future. And I hope to play it as beautifully as Natalie Szczerba did at Weathervane Playhouse. Below is a picture of my classmate and I after the show in her beautiful second act dress.