I can't believe I am saying these words...I am done with internship! WHAT?! It seems like yesterday I was nervously getting ready to ring the doorbell to Tara Rubin's office.

So what did we do on the last week on internship? Strangely it was one of the slower weeks because everyone was out of the office with auditions, vacation, or meetings. So the biggest thing Natalie and I had to do was avail checks. Not to toot our own horns but we were darn good at these avail checks by this time. We were done them within a day. BAM!

When all is said and done Natalie gave a parting gift to the whole gang at Tara Rubin Casting and not thinking we would get anything in return, but to our surprise, they gave us each a card! It was such a sweet gesture and I'm going to keepit forever. When I think about making the big move to New York, I am going to think about internship because they go hand and hand in my mind. Now I am not going to lie, there were some days where internship was hard, but the connections are going to be so worthwhile! I am so grateful for this opportunity. Otterbein gives you a chance to get your foot in the door, and that is one of the main reasons why I came. Looking back at the experience what I really hoped for was two things. One- to have the casting directors and associates know my name and two- to be able to sit in on auditions. And I got to do both of those things. I have said this before in one of my earlier blogs. The casting directors and associates are very passionate about their jobs, but they were so passionate that some of the tasks we should have been doing, they did them for us. In hindsight, I am so honored that I can say I worked there. I mean, come on, half the Broadway shows currently running are casted by Tara Rubin. THAT'S AMAZING! And to think I was apart of that in a small way is kind of magical to think about.

To celebrate the end of internship, Natalie and I went out for a celebratory dinner....and dessert at SCHMACKARY'S! (It was my first time. I know, I know. Insert gasp here.) And we had some visitors at dinner and they took a selfie with my phone. Jokes on you Steve, Jordan, and Evan, cause I'm posting it! HA!

And now to start auditioning! FINALLY!!! (INSERT SCREAMS HERE!!!!)


As I promised, the boys and their selfie! 


Actually in love with this place. Not gonna lie.... 


Thank you for everything Kaitlin and the entire team at Tara Rubin Casting!