#2 School of Rock Auditions and Equity Meeting!

Week two and New York is hard y’all. It is cold and rainy and internship is hard. Eight hour long days are hard. Sitting at a desk for so long is not my cup of tea. But I will say, watching these brilliant people work, really is inspiring. You can tell they are so passionate about their work. This week I had the amazing pleasure of siting in on School of Rock auditions. It was AWESOME! They need to find replacements for Dewy (the main character) and a little girl swing and a little boy swing.

Before we go any farther can we just talk about how there are 8-10 year olds are playing swings in Broadway shows! Mind blowing!

These little kids were actually jaw dropping. The little girls were bass swings and the boys were drum swing. Some of these kids were so tiny they couldn’t even hit the drums hard enough. And the bass was mostly bigger than the little girls!

Getting to sit in on auditions was so valuable in so many aspects. It was really the first time I got to hear and see what happens when the door is closed. I feel like as an actor, that is such “Don’t Speak” (Bullets over Broadway quote) topic. But most of the time after the auditioner left the room they were just like not right for this, maybe down the road, or they need to come to callbacks. Or to be honest, they just talk about their day with the other directors. So actors: NOTHING MAGICAL HAPPENS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Sorry the secret is out. You just got to “Stay Positive” (Legally Blonde quote) and do your best work.

I did learn some things watching the auditions though:

·      Memorize your material! Even though there is SO MUCH MATERIAL, when you have appointments for this high level of work, you need to be memorized or so familiar you only have to look like two times.

·      Breath in between pieces. The casting directors want you to be what they need! So breath and take a second for yourself

·      Take the opportunity to talk. (If the moment is right. Don’t just ask them how their day was randomly, they do have a schedule to stick to people!)

These are only some of the things I learned but hopefully, I will get to go on some more and give you some updates about those!

My class and I also had a meeting at Equity to talk about, you guessed it, EQUITY! 

No, but really it was so helpful to learn all the gritty details most people don't know about. So if you have any questions, I'm your gal. We meet with a man named Tom Miller who is the head of the education and outreach program at Equity and we talked about everything from the ways to get your card, to the different types of contracts, and of course, the equity cot! Also the building is right in the middle of times square and oh boy was it breath taking.

Till next time folks!

#3 Let the sight seeing continue...

#3 Let the sight seeing continue...

The real #1- La La Land