#1 and Week One

Well after being a New Yorker for officially 10 whole days, I don't know if I can say that I am in love yet. haha

I came to the city with high hopes and dreams but the city had other plans in store for me. The day before my internship started I started to feel sick. The first day of internship came and I was excited and nervous and sweaty. Yes very sweaty. The first day was really just aquatinting ourselves with the office and everyone there. It was Wednesday morning and I had a fever of 103 degrees. So I emailed the office and Tara said to take Wednesday and Thursday off. Thursday came and my symptoms got worse so I went to the hospital. I ended up going back to my home in PA for the weekend, where I had to the support of family so I could get better as quickly as possible. So now I am writing this back in my NYC bed and just as excited and nervous and I'll probably be just as sweaty going back to work tomorrow. So after week one of internship, I've only had one day of work but I am excited to have my first full week next week!

Below is a picture of me in front of my internship building.


The real #1- La La Land

Fantasticks at Weathervane!