Hi! I'm Jenna!

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Welcome to my newly launched Blog: getrealwithjenna! (Woohoo) This blog will include life adventures, my style, exciting new food recipes, and actor tips and tricks. So I hope you enjoy all the material. I am most definitely new at this whole "blog" thing, but we can learn together! So why am I starting this blog. As a recent graduate, I am quickly learning if you don't fill your free time with productiveness, you will become unproductive always. I believe everything comes with hard work. I'm an artist and if there is one thing artists know, its hard work. I am so exciting to start sharing my life with you guys! If you have questions, jokes, stories, recipes...please feel free to share them with me. Direct message me on Instagram, send me an email or leave a comment on my post. ALL are welcome and encouraged! 

So who is Jenna? Here are 5 facts about me that will give you a taste of what I'm about.

1- I recently graduated Otterbein University with a BFA in Musical Theatre! (Yes, Musical Theatre, where my theatre nerds at??)

2- I LOVE food. I am not so much a baker as a self taught chef.

3- I'm starting this blog to make my free time, productive time! And eventually, long term I would love to make this into my full time job!

4- I am a lover of puns and jokes. All Jokes. (I know what your thinking-Jenna come on share your favorite joke! Ok, OK! Why did the cookie go to the Doctor? Because he felt crumby.) *audience erupts with laughter*

5- I live in New York! And I'm not talking about upstate where there is mountains and farms New York, I'm talking about the City! I'm from Easton PA (which is right on the boarder of NJ and PA), but I'm about to cross the one year mark living in the Big Apple. 

Also I'll give you one bonus fact just because I'm sure its going to take over my feed very shortly...

Bonus- I love winter. I love the snow. I love the cold. And everything that comes with winter. The outerwear, the hot chocolate, the gifts, the decorations, yup ALL of it.


My mantra is Live and Learn. And that is exactly what this blog is all about! I am learning, hopefully you are learning from my posts and that equals a more fulfilled life, a richer life. And though I may make mistakes on the way, if I remember we are all living and learning, everything will be ok. If you follow me, you will be hearing my mantra a lot more. 

So I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little and thanks for stopping by! I hope you will follow me on this journey and enjoy what your seeing. I will be posting a blog post once a week! 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for some awesome behind the scenes content! And be sure to like my actor page on Facebook!

Till next time folks!


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