10 tips to make a "cast me now" self tape

10 tips to make a "cast me now" self tape

Ok all my actors folks...

Audition season is right around the corner so here are some tips so we all can be #bookedandblessed if you know what I mean. 

1- Clean Background

Make sure the background is clean and simple, not many distractions

2- Wear clothing that suggests the character


What are you auditioning for? Is it a modern show, or a classic; your clothes should reflect that. Now I'm not saying, wear a ball gown, if your auditioning for Cinderella but something that says, I can live in the world of this musical or play.

3- Make Choices

Bold, strong choices are one of the best ways to stand out. So put worry aside and make some choices!

4- Steady View

Make sure if your going the solo route when filming you camera is on a sturdy surface. If you have an awesome friend or love one filming you, make sure they have steady hands or use a tripod. 

5- Lighting


So this is a big one! Make sure if you can, you use natural light. This will make sure your "at home video" look professional. If natural light isn't an option, jerry-rig some lighting that won't give you shadows. Even if that means moving some lamps around for a great shot! Having good lighting makes an a self tape look crisp and clean.

6- Material

Just like choosing clothing that suits that show or character you are auditioning for, your material should do the same. I am in the mind set, if they don't say otherwise, sing from the show. Also it shows you are ready to go and can jump into the role at anytime, which casting directors love!

7- Intro

Keep it simple. An intro should give a casting director a glance into who you are as a person. Fun, quick and light is what I say!

8- Do your Homework

Make sure you are ready when you tape. When you are in your head and thinking about your next lyric or line, it reads on camera. 

9- Be Memorized

If you can do your best to be fully memorized. It shows casting you care about this audition. They want to know you aren't wasting their time. Now, I get it, life happens sometimes. You got the sides 24 hours ago and your cat happen to pass away on the same day, so you are less than memorized. It's ok, life  happens. This isn't an exact science, just show your best self. Whatever that may be, that certain day.

10- End With a Smile


After you  taped everything and have a day of editing ahead of you, remember to be kind to yourself. You did the best you could, under the circumstances you were given! So smile and give yourself some credit for the awesome thing you just accomplished!

Congrats, your one step closer to #booking the job of your dreams! Use these tips and your videos will be something worth praising.

Happy taping folks!


Road Tripping like it’s our job (because it kinda is…)

Road Tripping like it’s our job (because it kinda is…)

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