#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!

#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!

It was a good week guys.

Internship was filled with tedious research but we (Natalie and I) got it all done.  Well, since you asked what the research was, I’LL TELL YOU!

Tara Rubin Casting casts School of Rock and they are having an open for Dewey. So Natalie and I had to Research all the schools, theatres, comedy clubs and improve troupes in Chicago, Toronto, New York, and LA. Yes, these documents were all more than 5-15 pages each. And yes, we did go research crazy by the end of it. So after we did all the research for these places we had to send out the flyer to all the contacts for New York. So now we wait until they reply and if they don’t we send follow up emails next week. But it was pretty cool talking to all these chairs of the schools and artistic directors from these amazing theatres.

This weekend was packed with things and it was beautiful! My friend Nick, from Ohio came to visit and we had a great weekend! Let's bullet, shall we:

·      Papaya King! GO! It’s a famous hot dog restaurant with the best tropical drinks you will ever have. And I can not believe I’m saying this but they had coconut milk in them and I liked it! WHAT? I have never had coconut milk before and I still would never drink it again because I think it’s weird, but I sure did try a food I never tried before and I am proud of that! Check that off the bucket list.

·      Nick and I went to go to The Blue Men Group and oh man if you need a good laugh, go see this show. I saw the show in Las Vegas when I was like 12 years old and Nick had never seen it before. So it was so cute watching someone react to the show not knowing what was going to happen next. We sat in the middle of the theatre, which I was a little nervous about, but the show is so interactive you could have sat in the rear Mezzanine and still had a great time. This event was just for me, and I am so glad I went. It was seeing theatre but it didn’t have the stress of theatre, theatre. If that makes sense at all.  haha Right now my entire life is theatre related and it was nice not to have to watch or listen or think about it and just be able to watch relaxingly.

·      If you want to hear some classy, Michael Bublé-esk, Carole King era music go listen to Paul Loren! Went to see him perform on Friday night and it was amazing! He was so good live. He was a snazzy, short, spunky, man and so cute to boot! Go check him out: www.paulloren.com

·      Went to Grand Central Station for the first time and it is just as beautiful as the movies and what people say. GO!

·      If you know me, you know how much I’m obsessed with snow so Saturday I was a happy camper because the snowy, slushy magic goodness from the sky was EVERYWHERE! So, Nick and I went to the Great Lawn in Central Park. Well, we tried to go to the Great Lawn but it was closed for the season, so...I frolicked/danced next to the Great Lawn in Central Park.

·      Last but certainty not least I went to the MET! Wow, wow, wow. You sure can get lost in there. Also I didn’t realize how many artifacts were there. I knew the MET was big, but it is HUGE. My personal favorite was the Medieval Armor Section. Oh the swords, oh my so many swords that could kill me. I loved it. I definitely want to go back because I did not get to look at everything I wanted to!

Alright folks till next week!


At the Blue Men Group! 


Grand Cental! 






And some more FROLICKING! 


Last but not least the MET! 



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