I am so excited to share with you guys what I did this week! Shows! I got to see two shows this weekend! And yes, it was wonderful! (Doesn’t hurt that I only had to pay for one of them either)

The first show I saw was a new Off-Broadway musical called All Aboard! If you’ve been on playbill recently then you probably have seen adds for it. It is the story of three different couples and their stories towards love, all taking place on a train. The conductor of the train leads us through their stories, giving them guidance along the way. The reason I got to see this new musical is because my old roommate from this past summer at Millbrook Playhouse is in the show! Her voice was incredible! Best part of the show. Also she is only a year older than me and she played older so well! Sammi knows her type and isn’t afraid to show it. I love that about her. The show is playing at the Y theatre, go check it out!

The second show I saw was Crazy for You at LINCOLN CENTER. After admiring Lincoln Center just from outside the buildings I finally got to go in.  And oh my, my wallet is not going to like me for going in there because now I want to see every show there that is ever produced ever. I LOVED the show so so so much. The talent was amazing, the costumes were beautiful, the sound was perfect, and the orchestra was right there on stage, which I love.  There was two reasons why I am so happy I got to attend. 1- It was cast by Tara Rubin! So when I was in the office I got to watch some of the casts audition videos, read their resumes, stalk them….But it was really cool getting to see who they picked and why. All the cast members fit so well into the world of the play.  2- Everyone who is anyone in the business was there. This was only a one night show, so if you wanted to see it you were there. It was opening and closing night all at once! All these people who I admire from a far were in the same room as me, and more I even got to talk to some of them.

Oh and one more thing…..

Susan Stroman is just as beautiful in person as her work is on stage.

One day my mom came up for dinner and we were walking to this restaurant, Unione, and we passed the Wicked Garden. Right in the middle of Harlem! I was so confused. Well, if anything it’s pretty cool that I live next to the Wicked Garden so I guess I will stay in the creative state of “I Don’t Know”.

So this week in internship was email frenzy. We sent the School of Rock flyers to all the other cities. We must have sent over 150 emails.  But after all that work, it is done and now the new interns can deal with the follow ups! Ha ha but really new interns good luck. I can’t believe I only have one more week left!

So here’s to endings and new beginnings, till next time folks!


All Aboard! 


So in love with Lincoln Center <3


Wicked Garden! 

#7- The end of an ERA (or internship, at least)

#7- The end of an ERA (or internship, at least)

#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!

#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!