#3 Let the sight seeing continue...

#3 Let the sight seeing continue...

What a week it was! And where to start! So many things to talk about so let’s do some bullet points shall we.

·      Natalie (classmate who is on internship with me) and I saw On Your Feet! OMG, it was so good! I cried four times, (Yes, four times-don't judge), danced up the aisle with a cast member and gave a standing ovation. Go see it before the lead girl's contract ends! She really does hold the show on her feet (pun intended). 

·      I went sight seeing ALL OVER NYC! (And by I, I mean me and a friend who came from out of town) I went to three new places in Central Park. I went to the Belvedere Castle and saw the spectacular views. One of my favorite things about living in New York is the views and how New York feels so open and free. I had a similar feeling when I went to the Lincoln Center for the first time. I also went to the Oak Bridge and saw the reflections of the buildings on the water. I stood there for so long and looked at the water. Maybe a little too long, since it was freezing cold. Ha ha! I also walked around near central park and saw the Tavern on the Green restaurant. This restaurant is on my NYC bucket list now. The whole front wall is made of glass! Not to mention it is in the middle of Central Park, so the views are amazing!

·       I also went to Roosevelt Island. Have you ever gone to Roosevelt Island? It is amazing! Go take the Tram Car to Roosevelt Island, and you wont regret it. It's so amazing, I want to move there. It is like living in the city, without the city beating down on you. Plus travel doesn’t feel like traveling when you are on the commuter tram because you are looking at the beautiful views. Once you are on the island go to Roosevelt Park at the end of the island. Wow, I don’t know how else to describe it. The island it self is in between Manhattan and the Brooklyn and you are on the river, you get the best of all three worlds.

·       I also went to see Astoria and Inwood because I have never gone there. Since my sublet is up the end of May, I need to start figuring out where I want to live! So that’s basically why I went all over.

·       Now back to internship, the week was pretty quiet and mostly was filled with answering phones and the door. We are really meant to make Tara and the team’s lives easier. And that’s what we are doing!

Till next time folks!



The view from Belvedere Castle! 


View from Oak Bridge! 


My future home (I hope) Roosevelt Island! 


Natalie and I at On Your Feet! 

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