#4 Burgers, Sunset and Boxes


It is storage time here at Tara Rubin Casting and I got my work out in at work this week! Picked up boxes from Home Depot (which was a feat in it’s own-long story short), put together those said boxes, and then packed them with 5 inch, filled to the brim binders, and took the 6 x-large boxes, two small boxes and a mac box to storage. And that was week four in a nutshell. We also got the opportunity to see a preview performance of Sunset Boulevard. With the one and only Glenn Close! Who is 70, by the way and is a lead on Broadway. Like what??? Also a 40 piece orchestra, ummm YES! If you don’t know they show, it is very strange. Like very strange, but also very moving. It was very well produced, just not my type of show. But go just for Glenn, she is a STAR!


On a different note, Natalie and I got burgers, like the best burgers of our life burgers. Not to mention, free fries. Oh, and the wings! I still have dreams about the dinner. Some nights it is important to treat yourself and that is exactly what we did. And we had good food and good company what else could be better?!


Had my first audition of the summer stock season for Mason Street Warehouse! It was so good seeing Kurt and the team again, they are so nice! One of the hardest parts about being on internship is not being able to go to auditions (and if you know me, you know how many auditions I like to go on), but I was so excited that I got to go. I LOVE auditioning. If I could get paid to audition I would do that for the rest of my life and I would be so happy about it.


Showcase! Showcase! Showcase!

We had showcase rehearsal and an alumni preview! It was so encouraging to know there are so many Otters out there who all want to help you! It was also good to perform again. It always feels good to perform again after taking a tiny break. Thank you to all the Alumni and the entire faculty who made this weekend possible. I am now going into showcase even more excited and more prepared than I was last week! Thank you to everyone for their support! (as cheesy as that sounds, I really do mean it) Thank you.


Till next week Folk!


And yes, I was just as messy as the burger when I was finished and I don't regret it. 


At Sunset Boulevard! 

#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!

#5 Blue Men, MET, Papaya King, and Paul Loren Galore!

#3 Let the sight seeing continue...

#3 Let the sight seeing continue...