#9 Bullets over Blogging

I am coming to you from this cute little coffee shop in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. It’s quiet and nice. Drinking a chi tea latte and enjoying life. I have never been here before and I am loving it!

Now that that little rant is over…let’s bullet shall we.

·         Auditions:

                1- Gateway Playhouse

    2- Mac Hayden

    3- Disney Cruise Line (UPDATE- Got my first callback in NYC since I moved for this audition for the Fairy Godmother! I’m so excited and it was such a surprise to get the callback. Here’s to new beginnings and *hopefully booking!!)

·         Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and yes it will freezing! I felt kinda crazy walking across when it was so cold. But so worth it because of that view! Also what a great photo opportunity.

·         I saw Sunday in the Park With George with some out of state friends. And yes, the show was almost too perfect. Annaleigh Ashford’s voicehas no break and I was in aww the entire show.

·         Had a friend come for his spring break!

·         Saw my amazing friends, Natalie and Lauren in a mini show directed by Evan and written by Steven! Four classmates, one 10 minute short, and a show I will never forget.

·         Ate so much food this week!

1. Black Iron Burger (If you haven’t been here, do yourself a favor and GO! The wings and Burgers are so good you have to finish your plate)

2. Good Enough to Eat (And yes pun intended)

3. Tortaria (Yummy Mexican food!)

4. Doughnut Plant (I got the carrot cake and crème brulee)

5. Walked on the High Line for the first time

Onward and Upward Folks!





#8 Auditions!

#8 Auditions!