Ok guys, showcase, SHOWcase, SHOWCASE! I wish I could have captured every minute of the showcase experience. I loved every single second of it. What ready struck me was two things. One- the amazing alumni who welcomed me with open arms. And how many there are! The support was unconditional and I can’t express how much I appreciated it. Second-MY CLASS! It was a dream getting to watch everyone from the front  row, literally, sing and act and dance their hearts out. Also we looked good. I’m talking gooood. So polished and put together. I am so proud of all 12 of us. I am going to miss performing  with them so much. They shaped me into the person I am today.

This week was filled with auditions, auditions, auditions and helping with auditions, catering, and practicing for showcase.

I had 3 auditions and helped out with Millbrook Playhouse’s audition, which is where I worked last summer! There was a fun little dance combo we learned from Beauty and the Beast to Be Our Guest. Especially after just having seen the movie (I was in love with it-could write a whole blog post just about the movie, but no one would read it so I won’t). It was so good to help out and see everyone!

I also had the opportunity to be an audience member at Broadway Late Night with Matt Rodin. This was a show that was hoping to get picked up by Broadway World. It was the first taping and it was so cool! They had two guests including Lindsay Mendez and Taylor Louderman. Matt interviewed them and they played games together. And then there was also two performances from up and coming composers and performers, which was so cool. But the coolest part about the night was finding out that a couple months prior to the show Matt, had this idea and ever since then he got people together and just did it! The producer is only 22 years old. CRAZY. It was so inspiring to see people just getting off their butts and making things happen for themselves. So inspiring. Thank you Matt for bringing the passion back!

Onward and upward guys.


Showcase the Signature Theatre! 


Green Room 42: Broadway Late Night with Matt Rodin!  

Feel the Self Love

Feel the Self Love

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