Road Tripping like it’s our job (because it kinda is…)

Road Tripping like it’s our job (because it kinda is…)

So…I went on an audition road trip with two amazing friends! We had a BLAST! We had 7 auditions in 6 days plus 2 travel days. We travel thousands of thousands of miles. Over 7,000 I am sure of. We basically lived in a car for a week. It was so much fun!

Where did we go?

So the short answer is: NY-PA-WI-MI-IN-IL-PA-NY


We started out in NYC (cause that’s where we all live…duh). I headed to my mom’s house in Easton PA, and then had an audition at Muhlenberg Summer Theatre. Next I meet up with Lauren at her house (which is about 45 mins away from mine) and we loaded up the car! Woohoo! The next morning at a very early our in the morning we were off! Milwaukee, Wisconsin was in the GPS and we both were nervous for the 13 hour drive ahead of us. Let’s just say Spotify was our best friend on the trip! We were both were jazzed about never having been to WI and getting the chance to eat all the cheese curds we wanted. We arrived  and checked into the beautiful Hyatt and waited for Dana to fly in to meet us.


The next day we auditioned for Hope Repertory Theatre. Before we left WI we got one last fix of the famous cheese curds in and then we packed our bags. After that audition we headed to MI to stay a family friend’s house (shout out to the Allston’s for being amazing!). The next morning we had an audition for Tibbets Opera House in Coldwater MI. We got to audition at the theatre on the stage, which was amazing! Not to mention the weather could not have been better for an outdoor photo shoot! (See Below).


 The next day we headed up to Saugatuck MI to audition for Mamma Mia at Mason St Warehouse. The town where the theatre was, is breath taking. Like I’m seriously thinking about retiring there, it was so beautiful and refreshing. That is if I ever retire am I right?!? (#lifeasanartist) To kill some time before our dance callback we got lunch at this cute little coffee shop called Uncommon Coffee Roasters.


 After we finished our callbacks we packed up our bags again and hit the road to Warsaw IN where we again were surrounded by a beautiful lake! We also had the most delicious meal ever at this cute little place called Noa Noa Grill and Sushi Bar, the hidden gem of Warsaw if I do say so myself. The next morning we auditioned for, you guessed it, Wagon Wheel Center for the Performing Arts. What was cool about this audition was it was again at the theatre. So we got to see the space we would be performing in! I don’t know about you but getting to see where I perform gives me more fuel to do well and really push myself to do my best. Then we headed up to Chicago! Woohoo Pizza! And yes the first thing we did when we got there was eat deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s. And yes it was delicious. The next day we went to Marriott Theatre auditions then to Paramount Theatre auditions. Then we hit up Whole Foods for lunch and driving snack foods, got the oil changed and hit the road to come HOME. Again Spotify was our best friend. We went from cast album to cast album without even thinking. Everything from the classics such as Fiddler on the Roof, Ragtime and Beauty and the Beast to more modern things like Wedding Singer, Little Shop of Horrors, Legally Blonde, and 9 to 5. Side note- why aren’t more theatres doing 9 to 5, such good music and so FUNNY! Anyway…not to mention we listened to all 18 musicals that all the theatres were doing in total.


This trip was great for the simple fact we wanted to be seen at these theatres. When you go to a local call verses going to a cattle call in NYC you know they are actually looking at you as a possibility. When you are auditioning in NYC you don’t know if the role you are auditioning for is already casted, if they just need another open call in their books, how many people they are they hiring for out of town-ers. You just never know. Not to mention I got to sing more 32 bars cuts than I have ever since auditioning for college! They respect you for coming to THEM instead of just hopping out of bed, taking the subway, signing a list and going into a room where maybe you have 1-2 minutes tops to make a lasting impression. Not to mention between splitting all the gas and using free hotel points and staying at friends and family houses along the way, it wasn’t even that expensive! So if your looking to do a road trip next year holla at yo girl cause this will be a yearly tradition.

Here’s to lasting memories, amazing auditions, great company and a damn good ROAD TRIP!


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