10 Side Jobs that You Will Actually Make Money At

So what does it take to afford to live in New York City when you are trying to be a full time actress? An actress that makes little to nothing or nothing sometimes (lets be real) doing theatre all over the country. So really what does it take?



I thought I’d get real with you guys. I’m going to give you some insight into all he jobs I do during one month just to make ends meet all while AUDITIONING! This blog post is all about

10 Side Jobs that You Will Actually Make Money At

So here’s the low down as to what I did just in the month of March-

I went on 21 auditions

Worked 2 temp jobs

Was a nanny 5 days

Worked online with Tailor

Catered 2 events

And I am still sane. I think…

All these jobs let me make me own schedule. Which was my biggest concern moving to the city and knowing I needed to make enough money to make rent, since I’m not at the point where my sole income comes from theatre. That is the goal. If we are talking about ten years from now, my goal is to be making enough money from just theatre or I should say the arts to make a living. Which brings me to my next point, the main reason for this blog post: 10 side jobs that will actually make you money. And heck, you might even enjoy some of them!

1: Temp Work

You can make bank, depending on where you go. And let’s be real the tasks you will be asked to do will be minimal to nothing.

2: Babysitting

If you can stand the “unique” New York City kids, this is your dream side job.

3: Waitress/Hostess

This job is great because tips! Tips make for great extra pocket change during the week when you don’t want to swipe that credit card every day.

4: Catering

If you don’t mind fast paced work, this is the side job for you. You get to smooze with people all night, and the food you get to take home at the end the night isn’t bad either.

5: Online Jobs

This can be anything from tutoring to being an online fashion stylist. (Which is what I do)

6: Assistant

Again, this could be virtual or in person. As long as you can follow directions, this is a pretty sweet gig to have.

7: Princess Party

Never grown out of that dressing up phase? That’s ok because now you can make money doing it! This is definitely a niche market, but once you get your foot in the door, it is so worth it!

8: Receptionist at Gym

This is great for you gym enthusiasts and actors alike because normal you get a membership for a discounted rate or you can take classes for free!

9: Dog Walker

Places like Wag and Rover are taking over NYC one dog at a time. Plus dog therapy is real people!

10: Website Designer/ Video Editor

This is a great side job if you love to work on our own and on your own time.  Plus you make your own wages.

The grind is real guys but with these jobs, you are one step closer to making your rent! Keep pushing New York.

Till next time folks,





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