Temp Life

Temp Life

So this week I was a temp. Full on like business clothes, working the front desk, answering on the phones. So what did I learn? I thought I'd share with you guys! So here's my breakdown of the 6 things I learned while I temped this week. 


This week I temped at an investment firm call Highbridge. I'm talking business men in suits, 32nd floor, people in conference rooms having meetings. The real deal. Let us take a break to observe this view for a second... (The office is on 57th st right by Central Park, granted I wasn't facing that way but trust the view from the other end of the office is incredible)



1: Make sure you have busy work to do

This one seems pretty obvious but on day one, I basically sat on my bum and stared at the wall all day...no joke.


2: Introduce yourself

This way when they need to hire someone back the likelihood that someone will remember your name is higher and you will get the job over the person who came right before you. Plus let's be real-it's nice to be nice!


3: Write everything down they tell you on the first day

This will come in handy when you are alone and don't remember whether they said to press hold or transfer first when your on a phone call and your faking it till you make it.


4: Take advantage of what they offer you

Now I'm not saying treat it like a buffet if they have leftover lunch, but it's ok to have a soda if they offer it. Because you wouldn't even be here in the first place if you didn't need money and free things so....TAKE ADVANTAGE!


5: You are not beneath the work

If they ask you to pick something up, or clean a dish here and there just do it. (granted if you are temping you shouldn't be cleaning dishes- but you get the point I'm trying to make.) You are not beneath this work.


6. Positive, Positive, Positive Vibes

This can go a looooong way. I know, you didn't come to work to sit behind a desk all day and be a temp, but that's life.You need to pay that rent so that's the way the cookie crumbles.



On another note, I kinda knew this after I interned at Tara Rubin Casting last year, but this desk life is NOT for me. Granted I do like getting to sit here and do lots of work that I normally wouldn't get to do. Because of time or just getting distracted by all the things I need to do at home. So in that  respect temping is amazing. The amount of work you do for the company is minimal so you can fill your time how you like. And for me, that is when I thrive. I got to catch up on so much personal work this week.


As an actor you are your own business so updating your website, and blog and social media, applying for auditions, sending follow-ups, researching theatres all comes in a days work. All these things are your responsibility when you are an actor. And no one is behind you pushing you to do these things, its all on you babe. So when you have the time, take advantage!


Till next time folks,