New York Sites

New York Sites

So I had a tourist day recently, but it was the least “tourist” day you will ever have. My boyfriend’s parents came to town for the weekend and we took them all over the greatest city in the world! But these are the hidden gems of New York plus a few normal tourist places too.

Also disclaimer, it was raining the entire weekend, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. For the most part. JK, I kid, I kid, kinda. So I now present to you…

New York Sites


First we started the day by walking from my place in Washington Heights all the way to Fort Tryon Park. So we walked past all these cool restaurants and parks and saw where Lin Manuel Miranda lives. Yes, he does in fact live “In the Heights”. I love Fort Tryon Park, it is so beautiful and well maintained. Not to mention all the cool statues it has.


So this wasn’t out end destination, we walked through the park to get to The Met Cloisters. And yes it is true that you need to pay if you are not a resident of New York. But what they don’t tell you is that if one person part of your party is a resident of New York, the whole group gets to pay what you wish, not just the person with the New York state license.


If you love fashion this is the museum for you. Ever heard of the Met Gala, it happened only a few weeks ago. Well the Met Gala is an event that raises money for the Met. Makes sense now doesn’t it?!?! So in the Cloisters they have gowns and suits and pieces from years past Met Gala’s. And they are pieces of art. That’s all I’ll say, till you go there for yourself and see with your own eyes…

Next we can back down a little and walked/hiked (whatever you want to call it) to the Little Red Lighthouse. And yes, there is a book based on it. The view from the lighthouse is absolutely stunning. It takes your breath away, truly.


Then we finally came back to our apartment and we were starved by this point so we took Nick’s parents to our favorite local place- Crazy Annie’s. If you are ever in the heights and need a good place to go. Hit this place up!


So we started off the day by going to favorite part of the city-Roosevelt Island. And make sure, if you can take the tram over to the island. Another amazing view of the city from a high up view. Once we were on the island we walked to the North tip, where we got a tour of the park all the way at the end of the island.


Then we took the bus to the other end of the island to go see the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself isn’t that big but the view is EVERYHING!

We then took the subway all the way down town to catch the Staten Island Ferry! This was so much fun, not to mention FREEEEE! It’s the perfect thing to do with family when you don’t want to spend money but still do something fun and exciting!


Next we did the touristy thing of the weekend. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge. This blog post really should be called New York Views because that was the theme of the trip.


It was raining pretty badly that day so after that we walked around Brooklyn a little unintentionally because it was the weekend and the subway we wanted to take wasn’t running. *insert annoyed face to MTA here*


And that’s it. And yes, our feet were very, very sore when we were done with the weekend. But it was so much fun and I hope this blog post helps you guys out when you come to NYC and don’t know what to do!

Till next time folks,


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